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New eBook!! Gita for the Healthcare Guru – cost $free! To inspire personal reflection and guidance, to collectively bring back Mindful Integrity and Authenticity to healthcare! This begins from one care provider at a time! Hope you will be part of this wave of transformation!

New Books by Hanifa Menen Available Now! Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul Hardcover and Reflections of a Higher Nature:

New book by Hanifa Menen!

Hanifa Menen on YouTube

Blogs I Write:

Cancer Support Site I Love and Have Spoken at (all locations in Ontario):

Naturopathic College I graduated from:

Courses on Udemy Available for Anyone/Anytime:

Great Review Received for Courses on Udemy! See Rating Here: Emotional Intelligence in Mindful Healthcare Delivery

Heart Health Emergency Info from See here:

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