Conscious action for heart and brain health utilizing Grief Recovery, Brain Re-Training and Energy Work to guide your Healing and Conscious Evolution

Your Journey Begins

There are 3 paths to healing at The Menen Centre of the SEA :

  1. Healing Emotions (“heart” health) –>Grief Recovery
  2. Healing Thought Patterns in the Mind (“brain” health) –> Brain Re-Training
  3. Spiritual Health –> connecting to your individual Spirituality and to Energetic Realm around and within us all.

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Do you know that heart and brain health are intricately connected? In Chinese medicine, the mind is “governed” by the heart channel/meridian. If you have mental restlessness (a constantly busy mind), anxiety, or sleeping concerns like insomnia or waking up unrested after hours of sleep, you have an imbalance in this connection. So mental health effects heart health and visa versa too.

Over time an imbalance in this connection can lead to regular anxiety, heart disease/angina/chest pain/heart attack (usually also related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol). Emotionally, an imbalance may be noticed through poor attention/focus or even an emotional breakdown. Over more time this imbalance can lead to significant memory loss. These changes often begin very early in life sometimes due to strained family dynamics and from my experience, the changes are very often linked with early grief experiences too. These may not even be your personal grief, but you may have been sensitive to the grief of a parent or sibling that then effected your personal life moving forward too. Can you relate to such an experience and realize you may be repeating a pattern of unhappy experiences (unconsciously) because of early brain-training? Sometimes the pattern is established by your own first (or second/third?) un-happy personal life experience. This may be due to experiencing a poor or missing parent-child relationship or a painful romantic relationship. No matter how you have become aware of your grief experience, if you notice that you are carrying an unresolved experience, you will likely repeat similar patterns. Often we do not realize we are carrying unresolved grief until a new grief arises, and in that time we feel the grief is specifically/only related to the current grief. Often, one unresolved grief leads to another. I like to train my clients to understand the vibrational energy that is effecting their life experiences. I train clients on how to understand and train their own vibrational alignment with their life experiences.

Would you like to understand your experience to prevent future emotionally-charged or draining experiences and build resilience in your life? Maybe you’ve started accepting that you are “too emotional” – because others tell you this and then you tell yourself the same. And this creates some sense of comfort, and a lot of vulnerability too. Emotional sensitivity is a beautiful gift if you know how to manage it to your advantage. Yet this requires some mindful training to truly understand and apply to your life in a way that is to your advantage. Your emotional health and your feelings matter.

Here, you can learn how to re-train your thinking to create positive life experiences moving forward!

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Have you made time for regular connection with the deeper thoughts, wishes, and healing to do for yourself? Have you or are you working through grief (maybe the loss of a family member or a major/sudden change in relationship?) that keeps being put on the “back burner” until just one more task or responsibility is done? Delaying this healing will not help you, your family, or the work you do, no matter which profession you are in.

There is no time like now to understand yourself, heal yourself and enhance your effectiveness in your work and life. I work with all sorts of people from kids to professionals to help create the heart-centred world we dream of. I encourage living from mindfully-conscious actions and communication rather than through unconscious and robotic experiences.

Unconscious patterns of living are leading us to emotional and physical breakdowns which are reflected in both ourselves and the world around us. It’s time to stop this.

Conscious individuals from any field – whether you are in a current crisis or hoping to prevent one, I am here. For you, and for your family. Never forget that heart and brain health are the most important aspects for health as they provide the clear thinking and healthy circulation that is shared with the rest of our bodies and they help us centre our mental, emotional and physical lives.

Are you ready to live a heart-centred life to benefit your actual heart and brain health? I’m here to help you! With this you can have a stronger immune system (grief is related to the immune system in Chinese Medicine), better sleep, clear focus and improved function in so many areas of your life to help you live fully! Most importantly – you can learn how to direct your life to JOYFUL living! Heal the grief that is limiting your enthusiasm for life and learn how to bring to you, the life experiences you are dreaming of, and that you deserve!

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