How do you define grief? In Grief Recovery, any grief/loss is any experience that creates a conflicting emotion. So becoming estranged from a family member or disconnected from a religion that your family practiced in your childhood are as meaningful as death/divorce. I feel it is very important for people to recognize this idea as most people would not notice any “grief” patterns in their lives until they truly understand this duality of life experience. This means that most of us (all of us) are likely walking around with innumerable life-experiences that have added layers of grief onto ourselves. In the suggested examples we can look at becoming estranged from a toxic family relationship – this can feel lonely, criticized, poorly-judged, and downright fear-inducing. It can also feel liberating, motivating and empowering. Removing oneself from a family’s religion can be the same. There may be judgement from the community you were once a part of, and there may be loneliness as you look for thoughts that match your questions in life. Here too is a place that you may begin to feel liberated, free, and maybe even more playful with new awarenesses/insights. Moving or losing a job, handling illness, and opportunities brought about by your children’s unique perspectives and decisions (or even your own) – also have this double-sided (yin/yang?) contrast inherent in them. Often, it takes time to thoughtfully reflect on these experiences to understand that while the mind may want to focus on the less-easy knowledge/awareness of the experience, the easier and wonderful aspects are often overlooked.

Grief Recovery involves understanding various aspects of the experience(s?) that have shaped, and continue to shape individuals. The work requires mindful attention and ownership of your experience – and the results with my clients (and myself too) has been incredible. I so recommend this work for anyone who would seriously like to break patterns of similar grief experiences in their lives. I have found that unless we do such work, the patterns are not broken and often, they are repeated through different sources.

So if a child was overlooked by a parent in childhood, they will often be overlooked by their boss/colleagues in adulthood. Coincidence? I do not believe in coincidences.

I do believe in serendipity. So if you are reading this, I believe you were meant to. I hope you will take the step to work with your own grief patterns through this work. I have never seen anything quite like it to help people. Oh, my connection with spiritual-healing which I believe is the gift that has helped clients/patients through all of my work with them (before and after my decision to move full-time into Grief Recovery and Brain Re-Training work) – and my heartfelt desire to help people heal their emotional wounds to move into happiness and joy – well, I believe this helps immensely.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Grief Recovery, do contact me at or call/text 416-920-8975. I would be happy and honoured to help.

Wishing you a beautiful day ahead!




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