Client Feedback :)

  1. “For years I failed to realize that unresolved feelings and trauma can cause illness and physical symptoms. Grief recovery helped me study my patterns of dealing with stress, resolve my negative old pains, dissect my emotional journey and learn useful techniques to deal with future struggles. The process was not easy but the results were outstanding. Today I feel stronger, more confident and able to resolve the conflicts in my daily life with ease using the terminology and skills that this program have provided me with. I now take responsibility for my actions, thoughts and patterns. I am  more aware and in control of my journey than I’ve ever been in my whole life. Thank you Hanifa” ~J.H.
  2. “Hanifa has helped me focus my energy on my being and and my mind. She has tremendously supported me in my home life and life at work with encouragement, and kind advice. Her wonderful energy, gentle care, spiritual connection and just helping me gain a fresh perspective on how the world can be looked at and how I can see things from different ways keep me well. Thank you Hanifa you’re an amazing soul!” ~R.M.
  3. I have known Hanifa for over twenty plus years. No matter what cause of concern I may have, she always lifts my spirits and supports me mentally and emotionally. When I speak with Hanifa, via phone, text or face-to-face, I leave the conversation heard, understood, and uplifted. With her vast  amount of knowledge and experience, her genuine caring and humorous personality, her keen memory of all that ails me, Hanifa can quickly analyze and determine the best course of action for me at any given time. I have come to know and trust Hanifa. She is guided by her passion for making life better for me, and now you. Thank you Hanifa” ~A. F.
  4. “I am a Patient of Hanifa Menen for 20 plus years. First as my dedicated Naturopath and lately as my Energy/Grief Recovery Healer. Hanifa is a very caring, kind, compassionate, supportive and unique Practitioner. Because of her many years of experience and knowledge in Neuropsychology, she treats her patients not only for the Body but for the Mind as well. (mind/body connection). It is a great privilege to associate with her and receive her healing, energizing treatments. Whenever I contact her regarding my Personal or Family problems, either by email, phone call or text she is always there for me with a kind word and valuable advice. She is also a great Educator, Public Speaker, Laughter Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Her Mindfulness Meditation Videos are wonderful. I highly recommend Hanifa to anyone, who wishes to improve their physical, mental/emotional Wellbeing. (mind, body, spirit).” ~D.J.
  5. A good friend and colleague of mine recommended Hanifa to me when I was experiencing pretty severe digestion issues. During the first few moments of meeting Hanifa I felt safe and taken care of. It was a feeling I wasn’t expecting but yearning for after many disappointing visits to various doctors. I would hear it time and time again, “You have Irritable Bowel Syndrome” or “IBS.” This diagnosis would come just moments after telling them my symptoms and with no testing involved. I would think to myself “What if I am just allergic to something I am eating? How can they just guess that I have IBS?” I knew taking daily medication wasn’t the answer. I wanted to understand the issue, the real issue. Hanifa took her time with me, she requested blood work, a medical history, did a full body examination, and she listened to me… like really listened! Hanifa took care of me, and much to my surprise she suggested I work through Grief Recovery Counselling. Hanifa understood that my digestion issues had more to do with my emotions and relationships than anything I was or wasn’t eating. I started the counselling in the summer of 2016. I remember that summer like it was yesterday. It was like I had opened up a can of worms on my life, a can that had been suppressed since I was a child. That summer changed me. It had awakened me. That was the summer I turned into the person I am today; strong, resilient, grateful, with the courage to continuously work on myself, my fears, insecurities and past traumas. Hanifa showed me the pathway to get here, and I am forever grateful to have come across a soul like hers. Thank you for the love and all the healing Hanifa, thank you for showing me the way.” ~A.W
  6. “An old colleague referred me to Hanifa around 11/12. From the very beginning Hanifa has been attentive to my health and wellness in a holistic way. She incorporates my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being into her practice. I know I can turn to Hanifa for my nutritional needs and have her help me harmonize my meridian channels with acupuncture and other modalities. I seek out her knowledge and wisdom through talk therapy, know I will always get sound advice, and leave her visits with recommendations for herbs, homeopath(ic)s and other complementary options to support my health. I feel seen in Hanifa’s presence and accepted for my authenticity. With her encouragement I have prioritized my health more and more over the year. I can (and do) confidently recommend Hanifa to others, including a cousin who took up her services. Thank you for all that you do Hanifa. I look forward to continuing to improve my health with you in the coming years.” ~D.A.
  7. When I first met Hanifa I instantly felt a personal connection with her energy. She has this easy going, light and funny way of being and I was at ease right away in the first contact! Between Grief Work, Energy Work, Mindfulness and Counselling I feel that her insights, support and encouragement helped me turn some pages in my life, explore others and find a more meaningful connection with myself and the world around me. I seriously believe she was a crucial element of my personal development that was placed in my journey just where it was supposed to be. She made a difference and I am grateful for the chance to work with her!” ~A.N.
  8. “I have always found that whatever mood I am in when I come to see Hanifa, I always leave feeling uplifted & content. Dr Menen has a pleasant, vibrant personality that made my visits enjoyable. She puts her heart into her practice and is very knowledgeable about what she does. Thank you Hanifa for helping me in my time of need.” ~L.d.
  9. “I have had the privilege to have known Hanifa for over 10 years. In that time she has truly transformed my life. Hanifa creates a powerful space of trust, compassion and spiritual healing in each and every meeting, conversation and session she provides. It has been through these meetings that Hanifa is able to work her true talents! She is able to read my energy and guide my healing and growth through her amazing skills. She is a true healer, and knows exactly what you need, before you even know it yourself. She is one of the most generous and compassionate people I have ever had the blessing of knowing.” ~C.S.
  10. “It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Hanifa.  When I met her, I had strong fears about my reproductive health.  Through our sessions, Hanifa helped me release my fears and shift my focus and my energy, so I could be open to new possibilities.  She helped me to experience what I most wanted by attracting it to me, instead of forcing it, as I had been unknowingly trying to do.  Over the next few months, Hanifa provided grounding support for me as I experienced a healthy and joyful pregnancy.  I completed the Grief-Recovery program with her, and in doing so, have released old patterns and old hurts and made space for new, joyful experiences in my life.Ultimately, Hanifa has helped me release old thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve me, but that were still present and lurking under the surface, undermining my happiness.  In their place, I now have the opportunity to be fully present and enjoy and savour my current experience.  I absolutely and whole-heartedly recommend working with Hanifa to anyone who is seeking support for any issue, be it physical, mental or emotional.  Hanifa’s uplifting light and energy will help you heal and move forward in ways you may not even realize are possible.  I am deeply appreciative of Hanifa’s gifts and look forward to working with her again.  Thank you!”  -G.N 
  11. “There is so much my soul would like to express about Hanifa which I will attempt to give justice to through my words. Hanifa came into my life a few years ago at the exact time that she was supposed to. She has been a saving grace to me on so many occasions. In the years that I have known Hanifa, first as my naturopathic doctor – and then as she transitioned to her mindfulness practice – she has been there for me in more ways than one. There are so many things I appreciate about Hanifa, including how safe I feel with her, the judgement free space she holds, her kindness, her patience, her vast knowledge, training and experience, her professionalism, her ability to bring me to a place of serenity and peace in my less than easy times (yes that is a term I learned from her as she continually re-trains my brain including educating me on the power of words). Over the past few months Hanifa and I have been doing GRM – the Grief Recovery Method – and I honestly believe each and every person should have this coaching. Grief is a part of all our lives and I believe every person should be walked through the completion of their grief. This has been a magnificent eye and heart opening journey and I am so excited as I come to the end of it, only to begin another with her. There was a point in time where I felt a sense of shame for not being at a place where I thought I should be. My ego felt I should flag-pole my ‘success’ and ‘healing’ before I can help anyone else. What I have discovered with humility first, is that healing is a journey and that it takes a village for us on our journey. Hanifa has been a key being in my personal healing village and I am eternally grateful to and for her.” ~I.A.
  12. “As a health care provider, I often see patients dealing with grief. Deep inside, I knew that I had gone through my own experiences in life. I never really gave myself the time nor the attention to process those experiences completely.  I didn’t just need someone to guide me, I needed the right person. Someone I could trust, someone I could open up to and be vulnerable with.  I needed to take off my analytical hat and just be the patient. Hanifa allowed me to do that. She gave me a safe space to be honest with her and more importantly, with myself. She gently and skillfully nudged me when I needed it, while also being compassionate and accepting so that I could go at my own pace. I highly recommend working with Hanifa to anyone working through a grief experience.” ~R.W.

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