Heart and Memory

In Chinese Medicine the heart channel governs the mind and memory is very linked with heart health. One of the things I’d like to discuss here (since there are so many websites talking about the types of foods or supplements that contribute to brain health) – is how we think about our brain and memory.

Many people fear aging because of the awareness of potential memory loss or dementia. Many people have seen (or are seeing) family members or friends suffer through such conditions and this then establishes fear in their own minds of their own possible direction while aging.

When I finished my degree in Neuropsychology (and this may date me!) I was taught that we had a limited number of brain cells and that there were limitations to the amount of learning in a healthy and normal brain (basically that all learning is limited to earlier years in life – often before age 30!). Now, most people have learned about the incredible amounts of research showing the neuroplasticity (brain plasticity) of the brain that allows for learning and new neural connections throughout life!

Now let’s look at how the mind-body connection works. What we give attention to, will grow. So if we are anxious that we may have memory loss one day (very easy to feel this way if you have or are watching someone else experience this) – you will start creating the possibility of this in your own mind. Yup. Just from thinking/worrying about it. If you instead focus on having/creating excellent memory, if you commend yourself on learning something new, or try looking for examples of people around you that are older than you and that show fantastic signs of great memory – you will start creating this reality in your own brain too. This is the way to create new and healthy neural pathways in your brain. Other tools can include mindfulness and meditation time.

I will be adding more ideas for your heart and brain health soon!

For now – focus your mind on the wonderful possibilities behind improving your brain health and maintaining (or even improving) your memory!

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