Healthcare Professionals have an ethical responsibility to act with integrity, honesty and professionalism with their clients and with other healthcare team members. Medical programs regularly incorporate a “MEPS” (mental/emotional/physical/spiritual) approach to care in notes and literature, but often, emotional health is not regularly managed for the provider or the recipients of healthcare in most settings. This means that 25% of the care that most medical professionals believe is critical to health is being avoided. This is why psychologists and psychiatrists are often seen as far from the “medical system” yet emotional health is recognized as very important. Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Care Professionals, Mental Health workers and the entire health care team needs to respect the tending of emotions as a key feature for basic healthcare in all fields. This training here brings a focused attention to communication styles, emotional intelligence, grief training, and combines this to allow for the healing and management of painful emotions in any setting. From this training, the transformation of unhealthy emotions and life events into joyful experiences can be achieved. 

Both training courses below are open for registration for 2020.

1.Mindfulness Based Grief Recovery (MBGR):

This is a 6 week training course for healthcare providers and all others who are interested in learning how to read, manage and optimize their own emotions as well as the emotions of coworkers, friends, patients and their own families. Combines training from Western as well as Eastern Medical perspectives, discussion, and mindful application of skills inside and outside course training time to balance and lift especially healthcare providers and the people they work with. This course will contain asynchronous (independent and self-paced) as well as synchronous (shared) learning via Zoom (twice per week) and fun details and links not offered in the largely asynchronous “Emotional Intelligence for Mindful Healthcare Delivery” which is also offered beginning in September, but on Udemy as described below. MBGR Course can be done individually or for groups (minimum 5 for a discounted group rate). Cost: $400. Registration is open and ongoing. Next 6-week session begins November 2, 2020.

2.Emotional Intelligence for Mindful Healthcare Delivery: This course is available on the Udemy teaching platform. For more details and preview of the course see: This “6 week” (as suggested but not required) course is offered via Udemy. This training is suggested for the busy healthcare provider or individual who wants to learn more about Mindful Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Grief Recovery in a largely independent online format. Combines Eastern and Western knowledge base for application to personal and professional life. Similar information will be shared as in the MBGR course with lots of resources provided and once per week (optional) live interaction with Instructor and classmates via Zoom. This course can be completed at whatever pace feels best for the learner so could be done in a day/week/months! See: for more details. Cost: $199.99. Register through Udemy site directly. Registration is open and ongoing.

Both courses provide Certification of Completion based on completion of lectures/assignments and/or participation as described in respective syllabus.

Instructor Contact Information:- Hanifa Menen email: or call/text 1-416-920-8975.

Virtual Office Hours:- Mondays to Fridays 9am-9pm EST
Response times expected between 24-48 hours of receiving student messages. 

Teaching will be done virtually via YouTube (required watching), downloadable resources and handouts, Zoom meetings (optional for students to participate) and Private Facebook page that students are encouraged but not required to join. Both Zoom sessions and Facebook page are for the purpose of sharing personal experience and the awareness gained through training and application, plus a face-to-face online practice with fellow learners, through platforms that are both private and confidential for easy interaction. Instructor will be sharing her own insight in these spaces too. Invitation to private Facebook page and full Syllabus will be sent to students via email upon confirmed enrolment in this course. 

Course Prerequisites 

Current practice as any healthcare professional (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, etc.) or an interest in working in healthcare as a future career. This training is also encouraged for anyone with genuine interest in improving communication and healing for friends and family personally/professionally.

Information presented will be most beneficial for those currently working in a healthcare setting, but may give an additional advantage in curriculum vitae/resume for academic or job applications and interviews for any student/professional. This course is useful for any individual striving to improve personal and interpersonal communication.

Technical Requirements: access to computer to see lectures and assignments, regular/reliable internet accessibility.  Ability to search for resources on internet (websites/blogs/videos) will be necessary to help understanding of concepts learned in the classes taught. This is further explained in introductory video lecture (link above) You can visit the instructor’s YouTube channel here: “Hanifa Menen.”

Phone: 416-920-8975 Email:




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