Relationships can be heart-lifting and can be the source of much heart-break too. Falling in love with someone is one of the most heart-lifting experiences anyone can have. This is likely why a separation or a divorce is often one of the biggest sources of grief in a person’s life – or an opportunity for Awakening! An awareness of what is happening in our relationships can be a doorway to see things “apart” from the human mind’s thought processes about the experience. True awakening occurs when we see a life that may come as a complete surprise as we suddenly see the robotic actions that fill many of our day-to-day experiences. It’s when we suddenly notice that we are missing the richness of our life experience while caught up in the “should-do” or “must-do” thinking. And this can come as quite a shock.

For some, an action or pattern of behaviour is noticed from a partner that was not noticed before. This may mean discovering an extra-marital affair or it may be financial discrepancies as a partner is discovered to be spending or hiding money without the knowledge of the other.

Not easy awarenesses for sure. The awakening occurs if/when a person also realizes their own role in the experience. This is not meant or encourage guilt or judgment of the self. This is to recognize that sometimes we are shocked to learn about the relationships we are in, that we feel we know so well. This is a good time for self-reflection, awareness and acceptance of the new learning. And this is not (usually) easy to do. If you are currently in a relationship where such information has been learned and you are working on processing it, know that I am here to help. Such experiences do not have to result in divorce, although many do. Healing is needed either way.

If you have separated or divorced, you may notice you have some healing to do from your experience. When I went through my divorce, I was shocked that there weren’t more practitioners working with this in a manner that made sense to me. When I worked with the right practitioners focused on heart-centred connection with people, I finally found peace. And I vowed at that time that I too would help people heal from such experiences in this manner.

If you need help – do reach out. I am accessible by WhatsApp, Telegram and Zoom for appointments (either phone or video calls) and I look forward to helping you. Even if you have a very busy schedule, I know you can find the time to work through your healing with some help in this manner. You can email me at or call 416-920-8975 to set up an appointment.

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