The foods we put into our bodies can help so much with our brain and heart health! Dark-coloured fruit like the cherries in the picture above are loaded with antioxidants – specifically anthrocyanins – also found in other red and purple fruits – with very high concentrations in tart (bright red) cherries are a fantastic anti-inflammatory food found to help in conditions like gout and osteoarthritis. These same foods help our brains too as they decrease inflammation in all arteries that carry our blood and are rich sources of Vitamin C too. Vitamin C is incredibly important in healing trauma to various tissues including skin and arteries.

You might know that some foods create more inflammation in the body and I would say that red meat has been one area that has shown much research showing this link. This is why it’s so useful to even make one or two days of the week (at least?!) red-meat free!! Even better is to make a couple of days purely vegetarian days. Your heart and brain will thank you for this!

More tips coming soon but feel free to reach out to me if you would like other suggestions for good nutritional ideas!

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