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Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly

Have you heard this phrase? It’s often used to emphasize how inoffensive and harmless a person or animal is. This took on a special meaning for me several years ago when Ontario seemed to have a high number of flies getting into homes and ours was no exception. I started keeping a fly-swatter handy at breakfast time since a few always got in after taking our dog out for his morning “business” in our backyard and the door was quite close to our breakfast table. My then-husband would occasionally try but I seemed to be a master-swatter. So he decided to try to catch them in his hand and he was good!! I was so impressed and happy that he was saving these lives that I decided to do the same. For him (I believe) it was a desire to avoid killing the flies as well as a little bit of competitive “sport” with me. For me, my whole intention was to now save these little lives. My intention led me to somehow connect with them – I would speak with them (out loud and in my head) and they would let me actually use a tissue to gather many gently (individually) and free them to the outdoors. It wasn’t just one. It was many.

That same summer we visited some friends and found they had a fly in their home. I looked at my husband and he knew what I was thinking – I explained to the friends and the couple let me try to gather the fly into a tissue. I could not do it. I truly believe that my intention now was to show the friends that I could do this rather than save the life of the fly. Interesting learning for me.

Fast forward to last year where I saw a fly in my home – in winter! I tried to coax it out of my home through communication (I have been able to do this as I open a door and speak to the occasional fly I see in summer), I tried to gather it in a tissue and I finally decided to let it be. This is the time I was doing energy work on a client who had lost her husband through suicide (he had also been a client of mine the year before when I was working more with acupuncture). While working with his living wife, I was able to communicate with his (non-“living”) energy through my treatment over WhatsApp with the client and share loving information from him to his wife. And this fly would make its presence known to me through all of the appointments I was doing at that time. So I meditated to try to understand the message being sent to me through this fly. If you know me, you know I would also look up the fly-spiritual meaning online and I found “Fly spirit meaning is perseverance, transformation, vision, adaptability. Similar to the Fly, gnat spiritual meaning is all about rebirth and the ability to see things differently. Fly animal medicine is a warning that things in your life start to change.” If you’d like to read more about this you can do so here (I have no affiliation with the site):

Well, I felt this message was definitely both for me and this particular client I was working with as we were both going through dramatic changes in our individual lives. What was absolutely incredible is that this fly although in my home at the time, was not “in my face” with other clients – just when I was with the new widow. And suddenly I knew. The fly was actually representing the husband himself. As soon as I figured this out, the fly disappeared. Now when I see a fly that is behaving a little differently in my home – like arriving in cool weather like a couple of weeks ago, I know it’s time to reach out to his lovely wife. And it seems that is always the perfect timing to do so.

A few days ago I was meditating with appreciation for this messenger that helps me help this lady in her life today. Suddenly I was “hit” with this wave of compassion for flies. This sudden awareness of how many I have not consciously cared for with no real concern for their lives. How different that is today. A life. Full of the same Divine Consciousness that is within me, just coming through its own limited awareness. I wonder if others are messengers from other life experiences before this fly-life they were living and I did not honour them in those times. And it took my compassion for a human life I knew to remind me that everything matters. And today I have compassion and Conscious Appreciation for each life I am interacting with. I am grateful for the Universe reminding me through the meditation and the experience of my past-client “speaking” to me from the other side. No life is easy and I just know that this compassionate understanding is helping in my personal and professional life each day. May we all be attentive to the messages being sent to us in the “language” we personally understand to bring out our connection to the Higher Consciousness guiding us all. Today I know that I am a person who “wouldn’t hurt a fly” if at all possible!

note: If you home is full of flies… do clean up! Sometimes messages are very simple! lol!! And never stop laughing!!




Published by Hanifa Menen, BSc (Spec. in Neuropsychology); former Naturopathic Doctor (21 years practice). Educator in Mindfulness/Meditation, Grief Recovery and Brain Re-Training Guide; Raising Consciousness for Improved Heart and Brain Health.

I am a compassionate Educator, Speaker, Meditation/Mindfulness and Grief Recovery Coach with a strong interest in helping people heal their heart and memory function. This can lead to changes in sleep, lack of focus, mental restlessness and blood pressure changes. I love to empower my clients to recognize how emotions, nutrition and exercise all contribute to memory, heart health, and immune function. I also teach Conscious communication skills for people to apply in their personal and professional relationships. Empowering individuals and businesses to achieve heart-centred conscious action in areas that matter.

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