Love vs. Depravity

This Christmas season, my awareness is watching my own, and others’ words and actions with each other. I am seeing some interesting things around me and within me that helps me understand more fully the human condition that I believe has always been part of the shared journey. I am mindfully looking without judgement atContinue reading “Love vs. Depravity”

New eBook!!

An inspired piece of writing with hopes to re-inspire all who work with healthcare. This means parents or teachers working with children (this goes beyond teaching how to wash hands or tend to cuts and scrapes as we all know), adults caring for aging parents or struggling siblings (who may be working through mental, emotional,Continue reading “New eBook!!”

Never Again

Today I am thinking of these words. I hear them from so many people. Never again will they put themselves into a place of discomfort. Some after they or someone close has lied; sometimes involving an affair; sometimes from speaking with a friend or family member that has brought some upset. I also hear neverContinue reading “Never Again”


Do you know the meaning of this word? The Oxford Languages definition is this: “the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.” I chose the image for this post as it is intended for the reader to look deeper… to feel something that may arise from seeing somethingContinue reading “Essence”

Conscious Compassion

What is compassion? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, compassion¬†is a “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” In other words, you recognize that someone is suffering, and you try to help. Now “suffering” is the human experience that all cultures, communities, and individuals have felt at some point. Since mostContinue reading “Conscious Compassion”

Conscious Appreciation

Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly Have you heard this phrase? It’s often used to emphasize how inoffensive and harmless a person or animal is. This took on a special meaning for me several years ago when Ontario seemed to have a high number of flies getting into homes and ours was no exception. I started keepingContinue reading “Conscious Appreciation”

Affairs: Me vs. We Relationships

It’s been some time that I have been thinking about the energies of our thoughts, words and actions and how they interact with and effect other energies around us, and specifically in our most loving relationships. I believe that how people interact in their most intimate relationships also reflects how much loving consideration is givenContinue reading “Affairs: Me vs. We Relationships”

New Poetry and Photography Books now available – pics and poetry by your humble guide – Hanifa Menen

Fresh off the press! Hard cover books available now – perfect gift for introspective nature-lovers. Cost is $40+(S&H) or pick up from Hanifa directly and payable through e-transfer or in cash in person. For questions or payment, send to: Thank-you to those who have already purchased or requested a copy! And NEW downloadable e-bookContinue reading “New Poetry and Photography Books now available – pics and poetry by your humble guide – Hanifa Menen”

Body, Mind and Intellect

Who/what is in control of your life? It’s best to take the reigns wisely! Hope this article helps you do so.