MBGR: Mindfulness Based Grief Recovery

=Emotional Intelligence+Mindfulness+Grief Recovery Training

Have you heard of Emotional Intelligence(EI)? Did you know that companies have been studied to show that EI improves the ability to understand, use, and manage emotions in positive ways and can allow people to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and manage/decrease conflict? Developing Emotional intelligence helps build stronger relationships, create success at school and work, and advance career and personal goals. It can also help people connect with feelings, turn intention into action, and make informed decisions about what matters most to themselves. This can be learned.

Mindfulness practice can also be learned with training and allows people to be fully engaged in the present moment/task at hand. It can be applied to support the development of Emotional Intelligence(EI) far beyond EI training alone. Why? Just understanding and managing emotions is not sufficient for people to mindfully apply the learning gained, whereas mindfulness training can help people overcome long-lasting patterns of brain-activity that will continue to present themselves in particular (remembered) experiences of threat/fear/anxiety/frustration.

Now how about utilizing EI and Mindfulness to the area of life that people often neglect the most and which is particularly noticeable in our homes and societies today – grief?! In the Grief Recovery approach, any situation that creates a conflicting emotion within an individual (like starting a new job which can be both exciting and anxiety-producing at the same time) is termed a “grief.”

Today, people are handling job losses/changes, decreased interaction with familiar friends and family, the awareness of a pandemic that has already taken too many lives, and an overall unsettled feeling about what the future may bring. All of these are experiences of grief. Of course, the death of a loved one or divorce are familiar grief experiences that are also continuing to add to the growing collective grief in our homes and workplaces.

This unique course combines learning from each of these perspectives to equip you individually or your group/company collectively, to increase resilience and manage daily stress and grief experiences. This results in better mental, emotional and physical health. Training people to develop improved awareness and compassion for the self, fosters the same towards others. This creates healthier work and home environments, and cooperative alignment with individual/company goals and targets.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

There are so many grievers in our society. It’s time to acknowledge and help individuals and businesses that are feeling the emotion that is least-frequently discussed. We do not need to see increased absences from work (from emotional breakdowns), more trips to doctors, or more family breakdowns to know that this is our current direction.

If you would like to stop and change this direction for yourself or your workplace, contact 416-920-8975 or email hanifahelps@gmail.com to learn more information about this practical program that will help improve resilience through our current times, and equip you with tools for life to help reach your individual and professional goals. Training, printable materials for review and reminders, and shared sessions with instructor all provided with registration.

6-week (1 hour per week) online training program begins in August and space is limited so do secure your spot by calling/emailing with the words “MBGR Training” in the subject of email or message in voicemail.

  • Cost: $300 per person until July 15, 2020.
  • $400 per person if registering after July 15, 2020.

Course details will be emailed to participants upon registration.

Please call 416-920-8975 if you have any questions before registering.

Optimistically Yours,

Hanifa Menen

Published by Hanifa Menen, BSc (Spec. in Neuropsychology); former Naturopathic Doctor (21 years practice). Educator in Mindfulness/Meditation, Grief Recovery Coach; Raising Consciousness in mid-life and beyond for heart and brain health.

I am a compassionate Educator, Speaker, Meditation/Mindfulness and Grief Recovery Coach with a strong interest in helping people heal their heart and memory function. This can lead to changes in sleep, lack of focus, mental restlessness and blood pressure changes. I love to empower my clients to recognize how emotions, nutrition and exercise all contribute to memory, heart health, and immune function. I also teach Conscious communication skills for people to apply in their personal and professional relationships. Empowering individuals and businesses to achieve heart-centred conscious action on areas that matter.

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