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An inspired piece of writing with hopes to re-inspire all who work with healthcare.

This means parents or teachers working with children (this goes beyond teaching how to wash hands or tend to cuts and scrapes as we all know), adults caring for aging parents or struggling siblings (who may be working through mental, emotional, and/or physical crises), and of course, Healthcare Professionals that may also be part of the other categories mentioned! Healthcare Professionals have taken an oath to provide authentic care to clients! Are healthcare professionals providing the care that we are capable of sharing – and that each of us would like to receive ourselves? This ebook is to help each provider come back to a more enthusiastic, Light, and truly love-filled space from which to provide care.

There are so many people that contribute to our healthcare. And many are frustrated, grieving, and exhausted from life experiences that are happening within, and around all of us too. It’s time to be re-inspired in our care! I believe that it’s time to remember the Soul within each of us that is eager to get back into alignment with our purpose in our life’s journey! May this ebook bring endless hours of reflective time to each person’s healing interactions with those they care for. What has been forgotten by many through the quick-fix barrage fed by our increasingly-commercial society has led to much ego-centric movement in the world of Healthcare. Now I encourage all readers to be reminded by ideas shared through so many Ancient Scriptures which (I believe) all share the same Essence in message but none so beautifully (in my opinion) as the Classic text and story in the the Bhagavad Gita.

I have started each chapter of this book with a unique poem, I continue with a simple summary of the text and finally, I provide a section in each chapter for easy understanding of how the teaching can apply to Healthcare providers today. All of the writing in this book has been written through inspired energy to do so! And boy am I glad it’s done! lol! May the poems and writing energetically-inspire each reader too!

This book is offered to the world of healthcare as a stepping stone (or quantum leap?!) for each of us to experience how Mindful and Conscious thoughts, words and actions can be remembered and practiced with family, friends and especially with patients/clients. The intended result is for our own Peaceful and Blissful living as we help those in our care reach the same place!

Happy Reading and Thank-You!



Gita for the Healthcare Guru

A simple-to-read summary of Swami Chinmayananda’s commentary on an Ancient Scriptural text (The Bhagavad Gita) with specific application to Healthcare providers. Great for those beginning a healthcare profession (to start on the right foot), and those who have been practicing for years (to remember what may have been forgotten or never really learned!). A book for healthcare providers who would like to include Spirituality in their care. Intended for people of any faith, no faith, religious or non-religious. Exactly the message found in ancient texts from various traditions. And now applied to such an important area in all of our lives. Let us heal healthcare practice to heal the world!


***I have decided to offer this book for FREE to those interested and getting directly from me from this site. Just feels right. If you choose to give anything (and you do not need to give anything), that is why the PayPal link is still available – otherwise, I hope you enjoy the book and apply it in your practice. I would appreciate you letting me know if you get/read it and if you have any thoughts you’d like to share (positive or reflective I hope)!!!*** Email: with your comments.

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Published by Hanifa Menen, BSc (Spec. in Neuropsychology); former Naturopathic Doctor (21 years practice). Educator in Mindfulness/Meditation, Grief Recovery and Brain Re-Training Guide; Raising Consciousness for Improved Heart and Brain Health.

I am a compassionate Educator, Speaker, Meditation/Mindfulness and Grief Recovery Coach with a strong interest in helping people heal their heart and memory function. This can lead to changes in sleep, lack of focus, mental restlessness and blood pressure changes. I love to empower my clients to recognize how emotions, nutrition and exercise all contribute to memory, heart health, and immune function. I also teach Conscious communication skills for people to apply in their personal and professional relationships. Empowering individuals and businesses to achieve heart-centred conscious action in areas that matter.

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