Never Again

Today I am thinking of these words. I hear them from so many people. Never again will they put themselves into a place of discomfort. Some after they or someone close has lied; sometimes involving an affair; sometimes from speaking with a friend or family member that has brought some upset. I also hear never again will they trust, never again will they love freely, never again will they believe. Perhaps I have said/thought similar things too. So I’ve reflected lots on this thought and realize there are two (at least?) perspectives that such experiences can lead to:

  1. The first is the experience that was mentioned above. A person feels sadness/remorse over their own actions that have brought their own discomfort and vow to avoid doing the same actions again.
  2. The second experience of some is the feeling that the person would never want to put another into an experience that brings another discomfort. (it seems that this is how I most often experience my life).

I believe that neither of these experiences is easy, yet I feel this second perspective helps me improve myself in a way that makes me very happy. Although my intention is not to bring anyone to a place of discomfort, it is impossible to make each person around me happy. Becoming better is a choice that each of us can do for ourselves and for those around us too. Knowing that my intentions are coming from an authentically loving space helps me see that this Ultimate Truth sees Love in each action – my own and others’ too. For some this is hidden deep within and I love pushing my mind to see this in each person regardless of how deep it is hidden. Never again do I want to hold back from loving, trusting, and believing that I am nothing less than a perfect “carrier” of such beautiful energy. I mindfully and consciously choose to be this.

May we all work from this Loving space within each of us. I wish us all a beautiful day ahead to Love fully and authentically.

With Showers of Love, Trust, and Belief – may you feel some sprinkles as you lie in a private oasis of receiving the same from all (the idea behind using the picture I did for this post)!!




Published by Hanifa Menen, BSc (Spec. in Neuropsychology); former Naturopathic Doctor (21 years practice). Educator in Mindfulness/Meditation, Grief Recovery and Brain Re-Training Guide; Raising Consciousness for Improved Heart and Brain Health.

I am a compassionate Educator, Speaker, Meditation/Mindfulness and Grief Recovery Coach with a strong interest in helping people heal their heart and memory function. This can lead to changes in sleep, lack of focus, mental restlessness and blood pressure changes. I love to empower my clients to recognize how emotions, nutrition and exercise all contribute to memory, heart health, and immune function. I also teach Conscious communication skills for people to apply in their personal and professional relationships. Empowering individuals and businesses to achieve heart-centred conscious action in areas that matter.

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