Deeper Connection

As I think about what the Soul craves, I believe it’s deeper connection. I love the image and quote above and find it interesting that when I think of “love making” – I think of this from the deeper Spiritual realm which adds a joyfully-ecstatic union with the divine within ourselves and that brings aContinue reading “Deeper Connection”

Never Again

Today I am thinking of these words. I hear them from so many people. Never again will they put themselves into a place of discomfort. Some after they or someone close has lied; sometimes involving an affair; sometimes from speaking with a friend or family member that has brought some upset. I also hear neverContinue reading “Never Again”

Affairs: Me vs. We Relationships

It’s been some time that I have been thinking about the energies of our thoughts, words and actions and how they interact with and effect other energies around us, and specifically in our most loving relationships. I believe that how people interact in their most intimate relationships also reflects how much loving consideration is givenContinue reading “Affairs: Me vs. We Relationships”